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SamyaFlow Business & Well-being coaching

Who am I?

I am an open, lively, and energetic woman who loves to play, travel, cook, go camping, and simply enjoy life. People describe me as a guide who brings out the best in others, helping them feel empowered and in tune with their true selves.

2024 is all about embodiment.

Who doesn’t want to feel good in their body, have a happy, flowing life, strong healthy relationships, and the right support network? This year is about creating the life we want to live and doing what we love the most.

My name is Jennie Samya Volwater, the founder and heart of SamyaFlow. I guide women on their path to freedom and happiness through coaching, movement, meditation, and soul searching. Together, we will create a solid foundation within yourself to manifest the life of your dreams.

I guide women on their path to freedom and happiness. Through Coaching, Movement, Meditation and Soul Searching, I guide you to create a solid foundation inside yourself to create the life of your dreams.

My Offerings

At SamyaFlow, I offer several services in different formats to suit your needs:

  • 7-Week Group Programme
  • 3-Month 1:1 Guidance
  • Monthly Workshops

I work with leaders, managers, mothers, students, entrepreneurs, and all types of women seeking guidance and desiring change in their lives.

My programmes focus on empowerment, helping you reclaim your power, and feel free and safe to follow your flow and intuition. I work on setting goals and creating a personalised path, addressing health, relationships, career, or business challenges. My approach is fast, deep, and fully integrative, incorporating energetic work to support your transformation.

Taking the leap and joining one of my programmes will bring the change you’ve been seeking. Together, we will create a personal path towards the life you desire.

For more information about my programmes, explore the website and find the perfect fit for your journey towards empowerment and transformation.