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In 2018 I clearly got the call: Prepare for 2020.

At that moment, I had no idea what would happen in 2020, and I still have no clue, but the call was clear and I started to work on myself like crazy. Preparing for 2020.

Since then I changed my complete lifestyle, diet, thoughts and believe patterns, by focussing on Yoga, Meditation, Bodywork like Reiki, Thai Massage, Rebalancing, Arun Conscious Touch and Tantra and many other things, and over the years I managed to reclaim my full feminine power.

I lost 20 kilo’s of body weight and I was so full of trust that at a certain moment I even had the courage to leave my loving husband, as at that moment our relationship was not healthy anymore.

Diving into every matter, feeling it, healing it, and learning all the lessons that come on my path, some of them even together with my husband, brought us both to a new awareness and realizing that we were not living our own desired life at that moment. After a few months of separation, both following our own path, taking full responsibility for ourselves, our process, our actions, needs and desires, giving each other complete freedom, we found each other back and even started to date again. The relationship changed into version 2.0, where we no longer are co-dependent on each other, and stopped living in fear of loosing one another if we were going our own way. Our relationship was no longer built on shame, guilt, old patterns, believes, behaviours and projection, as it no longer served our purpose. Supporting each other from our own strength became our motto and goal.

So here I am. Ready for a new Decade. Ready for a new Adventure, with a strong foundation created within myself and therefore also having a strong base in my work, relationships and life in general.

I am ready to bring all I have learned and practiced over the last years into the world via Samya Flow. Samya is the Spiritual name that came to me during this journey Samya means Balance, which is a recurring theme in my own life, and in the lives of many other people.

Balanced Flow, Balanced Life, Balanced Health, Balanced Relationships, Balanced Love.

Balance by taking full responsibility of our life, thoughts, believes and actions.

I will share the tools with you. Tools where I have worked with over the last few years, and that have helped me significantly in changing my lifestyle and creating the life I truly want to live. I hope you enjoy using them!

My intention for 2020 is: Combining 2 Worlds, bringing the Spiritual into Daily Life.

I wish you all a happy journey. Enjoy the ride!



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