In 2012 I had my first introduction to Mindfulness and meditation. It was a true revelation. The peace in my mind. The relaxation in my body. Pure consciousness.

During the last years I have experimented with different types of meditation, like; Zen, Vipassana, Mindfulness, Osho Active Meditations, Dance Meditation, Work Meditation, etc. Each type of meditation got me closer to myself. And I have learned that everything you do becomes a meditation, when you do it with full awareness.

In 2017 I finished the Mindfulness Trainer Basecourse, and in the comings I hope to continue the Mindfulness courses to become a certified Mindfulness Trainers. This way I can guide people through the 8-week Mindfulness Training. Eventually I also would like to extend my knowledge with the Self-Compassion Teacher Training.

Every now and then I will create a space for people to come together and meditate. I will organise Osho Active Meditation and just open meditations. To connect to ourselves, and to each other. In silence. Just to Be.

So stay tuned for upcoming events.