Yoga @ SamyaFlow

Yoga is moving with awareness.

Finding the right balance between action and relaxation can be challenging sometimes. Yoga can actually help you to find the right balance. Experiencing inner peace, being present in your body, Here and Now, and de-stressing are often the result of a yoga class.

I am specialized in Do-In Tao Yoga. This is my base from where I am giving my classes.

Following the Rhythm of Nature is where it is all about at Do-In Yoga. The focus is on finding the right balance within ourselves, by stretching the Meridians (Energy Lines) in our body, which activates a free flow of energy through the body. Each class has a different theme, related to the Season and the Energetic Period where we are currently in.

It is truly an interesting experience to let the Rhythm of Nature flow through your life.

My classes are available for everyone, it doesn’t matter if you have any previous yoga experience, or not.

As of April 2021 I am offering different Yoga Programmes and Classes.

Taking Charge of your Fertility: 4 Week Course starting on Thursday April, 8th 2021

Chakra Yoga (Dutch): 7-week Programme – Start on Monday April, 12 and Wednesday April, 14 2021

Do-In Yoga: Once a month on Friday Evening a Do-In Yoga Workshop

Yoga on Saturday: Once a month on Saturday Morning an extended yoga class. The perfect way to start the Weekend!

For more information you can click on the specific yoga class, or check the Calendar for upcoming events.

Most classes are currently scheduled in Dutch. However, if you are interested in having a class in English, Spanish or German, that is no problem, just contact me.

If you would like to deepen your practice or want to schedule a class with 1 or 2 friends, it is possible to book a private yoga class. The price for a 60 minute yoga class is €50,-. Contact me via email: or WhatsApp: +31(0)6-15552136 to verify the options.