Chakra workshop

Chakra Yoga

A Journey through the 7 Chakras

There is no better start of the New Year, as by creating a strong foundation within yourself. Aligning your Body, Spirit and Mind. Balancing your Chakras, creating and actually living the life of your dreams.

For a period of 7 weeks I am taking you on a journey through the 7 Chakras. The focus will be on moving our bodies, practicing yoga, meditations and becoming aware of our true needs.

The 7 week programme will start on Wednesday the 15th of January 2020, from 17.00 till 18.30, in WasMitHerz, Hannover. For the biggest benefit it is advised you join the complete programme, but of course it is also possible to join a single class.

The price is €12,50 per class, and if you would like to sign up for the complete 7 week journey, the costs are €75,- per person.

On the 8th of January there will be an introduction class, where the 7 week programme will be explained, and you can experience a Chakra Yoga Class. The introduction class is for free.  

The classes are in English and translation into German, Spanish and Dutch can be taken care of upon request.

You can secure your spot and sign in by sending an email to: . Or just stop by if you feel the call!

Wishing you all a happy holiday season, and look forward seeing you in 2020!



When & Where:

Wednesday’s from 17.00 – 18.30 in WasMitHerz, Windthorststraße 3-4, 30167 Hannover                                                 

17.00 – 18.30
Introduction Class8 January 2020
1. Root Chakra – I AM 15 January 2020
2. Sacral Chakra – I FEEL 22 January 2020
3. Solar Plexus Chakra – I DO 29 January 2020
4. Heart Chakra – I LOVE 5 February 2020
5. Throat Chakra – I TALK 12 February 2020
6. Third Eye Chakra – I SEE 19 February 2020
7. Crown Chakra – I UNDERSTAND 26 February 2020