About SamyaFlow

About Samya Flow

Samya means Balance. A Balanced Flow in our lives, isn’t that where we are all longing for? Being our true selves, living life according to our own authentic values.

Samya Flow is a place where you can come home to yourself. Where you can get to know your true Essence and finding your personal key to live your own Divine Life. Samya Flow is a place where one can meet oneself through movement; Yoga, (Active) Meditation and Dance.

My Mission is to create a safe place for people to explore themselves through the field of Yoga, Meditation and Dance, through conscious touch, movement and living a healthy lifestyle. Going back to our core, to our Essence, finding the strength within us to live our true Life Purpose.

Samya Flow provides a safe place to break old patterns, believes and habits, that might hold us back to live the life we truly want to live. It guides us to become more aware of our thoughts, our actions and the life that we have created, consciously or unconsciously. Once we become aware of our thoughts and the conditioning of why we do certain things, we can make any changes to our life, to live the life we truly want to live.

The only way to change life, is to take full responsibility for yourself and all your actions.

My Motto is Living in Totality.

Making the most out of each day, each moment and each situation. It doesn’t matter if it is a pleasant one or a shitty situation. It is all about taking responsibility, facing fears if there are any, and enjoying the moment that is given to you.